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Paychex is the second-largest PEO in America with 1.5 million worksite employees and 670,000 business customers across the US and Europe. What makes XcelHR standout is that they are specifically focused on small business needs, and don’t demand a minimum number of employees to use their services. XcelHR PEO is just one of a number of outsourcing services the company provides, which includes general HR services as well as Administrative Service Organization . Save time and money with a tailored quote from industry-leading PEO services providers.

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Automatic Data Processing: Don’t Fight The Fed; Increasing Interest Rates Gives Forward Growth.

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Most businesses have not tracked these costs and are wasting huge amounts of money. By accessing a unique program such as OEM’s, you can reduce these costs dramatically. OEM will offer you a free time and motion study , to show how much money conventional methods are currently costing you. The services that PEOs offer are designed to give you a fully functioning HR department without having to hire a whole team or sign up for a multitude of separate software programs. With the goal of helping you run a sound business and reduce costs for both you and your employees, PEOs will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business’ growth. For hundreds of others countries, Ttheir platform can be used for hiring, onboarding, employee management, cross-border payments, and they have a global equity management tool.

Professional Employer Organization Peo Companies

The Plus package includes everything in the Core package, a custom employee handbook, HR concierge, unlimited Ask the Pro Q&A, and live sexual harassment prevention and training. Questco seeks to reduce the risk of being an employer and enables a world-class safety program. Every employee is eligible for basic disability insurance, the employee assistance program, and a 401K. For more than 100 employees, the respective tier rates are $50, $70, and $93 per month per employee. For 50 to 100 employees, the prices are $65, $92, and $110 per month per employee for the respective tiers. Otherwise, you can select from the Starter, Essential, and Supercharged packs. Unemployment administration, Employer Practices Liability Insurance , and labor law posting by the state are also available.

However, all opinions expressed in this article are solely ours, and this content is in no way provided or influenced by any of our partners. Brian has over 30 years publishing experience as a writer and editor across a range of computing and technology titles, and has been interviewed multiple times for BBC News and BBC Radio. His specialty on Techradar is Software as a Service applications, covering everything from office suites to IT service tools. He is also a science fiction and fantasy author, writing as Brian G Turner. Pricing varies according to the number of employees to be covered, and this can either be a straight monthly cost, or a percentage of your payroll amount.

Key Features Of Factohr:

Aaron Bailey, general manager at DZone and former COO of, placed high importance on user experience and customer support. When he had to find a PEO for his team of 80 employees, he chose Insperity. In its interactions with us, the company went above and beyond our expectations in all areas. With designated customer support agents and HR consultants specifically for your business, you’ll never have an issue getting in touch with ADP if you have a problem.

  • Look at the breadth of the benefits plan and how it is tailored to see if it fits your company’s needs.
  • Employees can easily log into the Insperity cloud-based portal to clock in and out, check how much PTO they have accrued, request time off and review their pay stubs.
  • Rippling is one of the most scalable and intuitive platforms of any PEO we reviewed.
  • These characteristics and values are what separates the A-players from the rest of the field.
  • As a company founded by HR professionals, Infiniti HR customers can gain from their wealth of experience in the industry.
  • Businesses that partner with Oasis can receive HR administration, payroll processing, employee benefits information and risk-management support.

As small businesses continue to expand across a wide range of cities and states, it’s important to partner with a PEO that can directly support your needs on a national level. Since Rippling is highly configurable, you can easily permit and restrict employee access to specific features.

What Is The Difference Between Employee Leasing And A Peo?

Plus, you may even identify services and options you didn’t realize you need or don’t need. Those partners include Aetna, United Healthcare, and Kaiser, all of which are nationally recognized healthcare providers with numerous packages to choose from.

Should I join a PEO?

A PEO can improve your employees’ experience.

PEOs add value to your business by providing a great employee experience. Since a PEO handles much of the grunt work of human resources, it allows you to focus on your company’s culture and employee management.

The final stage of our analysis is to get on the phone with their sales team. The first limitation is that people typically only leave a review when they have had an overwhelmingly positive or overwhelmingly negative experience. This means that if you base your opinion on online customer reviews, you get a distorted picture of how the company operates.

Checklist For Starting A Business

For a wider range of payroll options, check out our buyers’ guides on the best payroll services and best payroll software. The TriNet PEO offerings are highly competitive compared to those on our list. It offers solid payroll, including handling your federal, state, and local taxes, and has a wide range of HR offerings.

top 10 peo companies

Unlike other providers, Insperity only offers health plans from a single health insurance provider. So if your company wants to give your employees multiple options for healthcare, you should look elsewhere on our list. It serves a range of businesses in all 50 US states, as well as nonprofits, government organizations, and manufacturers. BBSI provides business management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Having been in business since 1965, it has developed a comprehensive management platform that integrates a knowledge-based approach in management consulting with HR outsourcing tools.

What Is A Professional Employer Organization Peo Company?

See how we help organizations like yours with a wider range of payroll and HR options than any other provider. For organizations with staff spread across multiple states, identifying compliance in each state can be fraught with potential pitfalls. However, PEOs can effectively ensure that the client is abiding by the state regulations for the employers. PEOs also offer some buffer against the common risks faced while running a business.

Like other PEOs, Questco handles electronic onboarding, benefits administration, and a choice of benefits from a large group master medical plan and open market plans. Employees through the PEO are eligible for benefits from multiple plan types, including medical, dental, and vision.

top 10 peo companies

Total Team Solutions – Total Team Solutions offers pay-as-you-go workers compensation, other unique offerings, and excellent customer service. They aren’t the most popular company listed here, but they have partnered with some excellent companies in order to allow you to compete in your chosen industry. Synergy – Synergy is a PEO service provider founded in 1989 that is happy to provide your business with the full scope of HR support, payroll, and training services. They prefer a hands-on approach and will seek to make improvements even before you think of what you might need. Oasis Outsourcing – Oasis Outsourcing has some of the best payroll processing in the business, and with them you’ll never have to worry about a hiccup in the system.

Demo Questions: What To Ask During Your Peo Demo

Yet you also need to carefully consider who to hire, what to focus on, and how to best spend your limited time and resources. As a result, specialists or specialist services are needed more than ever.

  • Although legal compliance has always been important, the pandemic has created an even bigger need for this.
  • For instance, a business with an established payroll provider may choose to use only a PEO’s employee benefits or HR compliance services.
  • These are both critical tasks for startups that are trying to grow their talent base.
  • You’ll get your insurances, compliance assistance, payroll and taxes, and everything else you need for onboarding and managing your staff.
  • The financial penalties for businesses that fail to stay compliant or those that slip even once can be ruinous.
  • It offers a 401K through Voya and Affordable Care Act compliance reporting, filing, and support.

We looked for automatic payroll runs, direct deposits, paper check options, W-2 reporting, and payroll tax processing . TriNet, Rippling, and Justworks have perfect scores here; the rest scored extremely high. What’s great about Papaya Global is that its pricing is fully transparent. It also has an intuitive interface with tools that are easy to learn and use and is praised by real-world users. However, unlike ADP TotalSource, Paychex, Insperity, and Justworks, Papaya Global isn’t IRS- and ESAC-certified. Plus, it doesn’t offer employee development tools that PEOs like ADP TotalSource and Insperity have.

Derek Gallimore has been in business for 20 years, outsourcing for over eight years, and has been living in Manila since 2014. Derek is the founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator, and is regarded as a leading expert on all things outsourcing. The Outsource Accelerator website has over 4,000 articles, 250+ podcast episodes, and a comprehensive directory with 3,000+ BPOs…

top 10 peo companies

It is cloud-based and can be accessed via the web portal or with apps for Android and iPhone. While pricing is offered on a quote basis, independent reviews indicate that Paychex is slightly more expensive than most other PEO solutions. Finally, we ascertained what accreditations each company held to determine its legal standing and viability as a PEO provider. During our review process for the best and most popular PEO solutions, we considered as many as we could find and whittled them down to create our top 10. As well as data and analytics being available, TriNet also provides an expenses management platform which can also integrate with Netsuite and Quickbooks.

Is TriNet a broker?

Licensed Health, Property, Casualty & General Insurance Broker or Agent.

The price of a PEO can vary widely depending on a number of different factors. This can include the PEO you choose, the services you use, the employee benefits you offer, and the number of employees you have. But, on average, $1,000-$2,000 per employee per month is a good base number to start with. Amplify PEO offers the full range of products and services you’d expect from a nation-wide PEO with everything from health insurance and payroll software and HR services all available for your use. But despite the significant differences, the one constant still remained in both small businesses – HR pain. So, once again, I dove into the world of PEOs to fulfil my HR needs and look after my employee benefits. I read websites, combed through reviews, listened to sales teams try to pitch their solutions when I really just wanted answers to basic questions; It was a LOT.

As PEOs navigate employment and labor laws, they must work closely with small businesses to ensure the owners are maintaining a safe and compliant workplace. Transitioning your HR processes over to a PEO is a big undertaking, but it can ultimately simplify your HR responsibilities. The average PEO transition takes roughly four weeks, starting at the beginning of a payroll cycle, but it could take anywhere from three top 10 peo companies to six weeks. During this time, the PEO will work closely with your team to ensure all the proper paperwork is complete and successfully transitioned. As you search for a PEO, keep your state and region in mind – some PEOs are only qualified to serve small businesses in some states, whereas others have global partnerships. Most of the companies we reviewed are qualified to offer coverage in all 50 states.

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