Qualifire farm Awards

- 2021 Errl Cup Hybrid Flower (Phantom Cookies)
~ 2020 Jack Herer Cup (Liberty Haze)
~ 2020 Errl Cup Hybrid Flower (Green Crack)
~ 2020 Errl Cup Indica Flower (Skywalker OG)
~ 2020 710 Cup (Phantom Cookies Badder Sauce)
- 2nd Place Errl Cup 2021 Flower Sativa (Liberty Haze)
~ 2nd Place Errl Cup 2020 Flower Sativa (Citrus Haze)

~ 2nd Place Errl Cup 2020 Flower Indica (Skywalker OG)
~ 2nd Place Errl Cup 2020 Rosin (Skywalker, Gorilla,
Widow Rosin w/ Diamonds


Qualifire Farms

At Qualifire Farms, where the quality is fire. We strive for exotic boutique cannabis, while still being compliant within the State of Arizona. From the bottom of our roots, to the tips of our green thumbs, our goal is to give patients a clean healthy product. After growing for 16 years, we have learned how to cultivate craft cannabis high in cannabinoids, along with maintain high terpene profiles, free of pesticides, bugs, mold, mildews and fungicides.

Our goal at Qualifire Farms is to scale our business to the commercial cannabis market and compete in Cannabis Cups at the Dispensary class level. We want to make sure we are positioned to be the top cannabis providers in the state and become a household name by putting our plants first. We know if we take care of our plants, they will in return take care of us. With this in mind, we feel confident our customers will be 100% satisfied with their medication once we are full integrated in the Arizona cannabis commercial market. With the right team in place, we believe we can build one of the largest commercial cannabis empires in the state of Arizona and move on towards a global target market. This is our vision and our future goals!